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Spend less time stewing and more time brewing with Ekos Brewmaster – the brewery software to use when beer is your business.

Managing the business side of your brewery may not be the most enjoyable part of your job, but it’s certainly a necessity. Ekos Brewmaster makes it easy to organize, manage, and integrate information from every area of your brewery into one easily accessible location. Ekos Brewmaster integrates seamlessly with Quickbooks, giving you the ability to monitor everything from sales and inventory to raw ingredients and equipment history with a few clicks of a mouse or swipes of your mobile device.

Manage the Entire Business of Brewing

Are you trying to run your brewery using Excel? Maybe you've considered the over-priced and overly-complicated brewery management software packages available to craft breweries, and realized they just make things more difficult.

Finally, there's a better solution. Ekos was designed to be easy to use, but still gives you all the tools you need to run and grow your brewery.


Tap into your Sales Pipeline

Keep your business growing by giving your sales team the information they need when they need it. No more calling the brewery to check for available inventory - just a few taps of your mobile phone or tablet and you have the answer. Create sales orders, track leads, and appointments all from one application. Easily see your sales performance at anytime.

From Hops to Your Customer's Dock

We've worked hard to make production management easy. Pick the recipe you want to use, and select the number of barrels to produce, and let Ekos do the math. Allocation of ingredients from your stock room is handled automatically. Ekos can tell you how much it costs to produce the batch, keg, bottle, or can. You can also track equipment maintenance and repairs.


What's in Your Walk-In?

As you know, it takes a while to make beer. Knowing what you have in inventory for both raw materials and packaged beer is crucial to running an efficient and profitable brewery.

Make the Dollars Make Sense

To run a profitable business you have to watch the bottom line. Automatically generate TTB reports, excise and sales tax reports. Ekos integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks.


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